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How To Enable Administrator Account In Windows 7


February 12, 2009 Kehrin I've put the cmd shortcut on my desktop but when I click Run As Administrator, nothing happens. January 16, 2010 Aleksey Windows 7 RC2 - /activate:yes - unknown option. I'd been trying to solve this problem for days. If you have system retore run it. Check This Out

Take a look at these articles for more info:How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile User Profiles in Windows XP'll also need to import email When ever I need to do something that requires a password from the administrator, it still pops up, but it dosn't give me the option of typing in a password. webbj, Aug 25, 2015 #3 Trouble Noob Whisperer Moderator Joined: Nov 19, 2013 Messages: 8,670 Likes Received: 1,026 Location: Northwest Indiana U.S.A. I have read some of the comments on the web and find that I definitely have some of the same problems reactivation my administrative rights on my computer.

How To Enable Administrator Account In Windows 7

Windows will usually warn, but it is possible to lose access to data if done inappropriately. I can no longer left click on the Windows button. May 24, 2009 SH Pls advise how to enable the view actives report for account user.

However, didn't see my wife's account at login. Maybe I could have worded it better or the problem is that rare. Uncheck the "Account is disabled" and click Apply (if you want to disable the account, just check the" Account is enabled"). 4. Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 With Standard User It really fustrates me.

The fact of the matter is, the tools that enable you to reactivate the administrator without permission overwhelmingly allow you to crack the system. Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 Without Logging In January 5, 2008 Dan "Isn't this a potential major flaw?" No. February 9, 2009 Kirk M. TweakUI for XP is one of the power toys that can be found here: the system requirements carefully - especially recommended servicepack level. -- Sharon FMS-MVP ~ Windows Shell/User Can't find

Further, to acquire pseudo-administrative privileges sufficient to enable the built-in administrator, you'd have to be know a pseudo-administrator's password. Disable Administrator Account Windows 7 It's pretty straight forward, you just need a third account (local admin group) to use to copy from your old problem profile to your new profile. Recently she found that she was getting frequent ‘access denied' messages when trying to access files or run programs. account and forgot his password.

Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 Without Logging In

Is there any other way to get my computer to recognize me as an administrator? Probably nothing, but I'd rather get there through legitimate system options than registry hacks, which is the only method I've seen for disabling UAC. How To Enable Administrator Account In Windows 7 May 12, 2009 Nick after i do all that. Net User Administrator Active Yes You may have a legitimate need…but cracking a system-even if you say it's yours-is for good reason usually met with silence (above, elsewhere, etc).

that will happen if you are the administrtor but don't have a password set up, it still asks but again if you don't have a password just click continue. You're going to have to make a choice from here... Is it possible to create a local account and then import or copy/paste my missing profile into the new account? I had the same problem. How To Enable Administrator Account In Windows 7 Without Admin Rights

This surprised me since I assumed that the ‘super' account wouldn't be changeable by another. In passwords, however, case does matter. There is an option to enable and disable it there. You can log on to the original Administrator account from the Welcomescreen by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del twice.

webbj said: but as stated above it's not an option on the login splash screen.Click to expand... Windows 7 Administrator Privileges You may, however, want to wait for the official release of SP1 in a few weeks; they've apparently addressed nuisance factors in UAC. While it gets complex once networking is involved-especially with the use of domains-the gross result is that your feedback is correct under this model. .

A "user" could use shortcuts to "run a program as admin" but this was mostly ignored by "users always logged in as administrators" who simply preferred the convenience of not knowing

Just click the sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum. I found a method that works when you initially had a good password but Windows became corrupted and would not allow entry of that password. Comments? Enable Administrator Account Windows 7 Registry Personally I keep at least two..

June 27, 2008 Dan I tried to get a command prompt using "Run As Administrator" to type in the net user stuff so that I can uninstall a program, but I I didn't remember its password. –Ritesh Aug 7 '15 at 9:04 1 Ben, I am not on Windows but @Ritesh's comment makes sense and it seems the video is using BTW the video is excellent! navigate here From the header of the comment box: September 25, 2008 Neal I was browsing some vista newsgroups about admin passwords and read this thread in there and followed the link