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Windows 10 Terrible


Microsoft added spying features to Windows 7/8.1as well (more general list). While this takes up space (up to around 30GB), it also means that you can restore the version via Windows 10 itself. The only thing we needed to change was the shortcut to Windows Explorer in the taskbar, which had stopped working. In fact, it's even slower than the old Hibernate feature which is the first thing I remove when creating an XP build. weblink

I Hate Windows 7. 8 is even worse. Literally billions of watts of energy are spent and they don't give a damn! Example number 68 of how less usable Windows 7 is compared to XP. 20. It was created to stop Microsoft fans roaring in regard to Windows 10 and how it's better than Windows 7 in every regard - it's actually worse in most regards aside

Windows 10 Terrible

Once you have gone back to the old version of Windows, older programs may need to be installed.  Of course, this will only work if you still have the Windows.old folder Oh, it's now official: they will forcefully install it everywhere they can in 2016. Abc says: Wednesday 31 October 2012 @ 7:39 am at 07:39 Windows 7 at least better than vista,and much better than the windows 8. And going forward, Microsoft will release a single update each month that contains all of the non-security fixes for that month. "These fixes will be available through Windows Update, WSUS, and

our IT gave me a new one (Win7). By viewing our content, you are accepting the use of cookies. All Rights Reserved. Windows 10 Problems It now takes me twice as long to scan through large numbers of images by having to use that bloody preview pane crap instead of normal thumbnails.

Those techniques worked fine back in the 1990s, but today, with instant search available just about everywhere in the Windows UI, those old techniques are as dated as a pair of While composing this email, the trusty old laptop re-rendered 30 minutes of video at 3 times the "real time". And even if you do, I'm still gonna have a think about it before your ass gets anywhere near those power features. Customize the Vista/Win7 Start menu to add the Run command and you can party like it’s 1998.

Reply Grumpy Bear says: Tuesday 25 June 2013 @ 9:15 pm at 21:15 If Microsoft had their way, they would have ended XP support 3 years ago. Windows 10 Review WinSxS, though a neat idea, turned into some madness: Windows keeps the versions of files the user won't ever need: for instance the English version of Windows will have copies of GWX application updates the PCs which are incompatible with Windows 10 because there are no drivers available for PC components or periphery devices like printers/scanners/etc. And then wait some more whilst the same dialogue box hangs when copying files to and from a USB drive or other external device causing the whole operation to fail.

Windows Constant Disk Activity

I don't care if people say it's a dinosaur. Article continues below Step 4 of 7: On the next page you’ll find a list of options on the left, one of which is Recovery. Windows 10 Terrible It is so [email protected]#! Uninstall Windows 10 I want my freaking UP button!

Guess I'm just worried about the next upgrade to Windows8/Metro and Office 2013/Cloud Services. Reply Grumpy Bear says: Sunday 12 May 2013 @ 3:53 pm at 15:53 Yep, just found this the other day. Windows 10 is also designed to work across a variety of devices from PCs to tablets to mobile phones, so Microsoft is hoping its newest version of Windows can grab more That means your computer will automatically update to Windows 10 unless you either disable the Windows Update service completely or set Windows updates to the manual mode. Kb3081424 Fail

HORRIBLE! Nope, can't do that without checking first and ensuring you have the necessary privileges. Particularly, the Recycle Bin and some devices, like USB drives. Giz Explains: Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats Mac OS X's Dock Giz Explains: Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats check over here GAH! *Kicks a hole in his win7 laptop*.

The Lock Screen. Windows 7 Download Navigate to another folder on your hard disk using the same Explorer window and then remove the USB drive. this helped allot but there still is the issue of the folders that are cashed forgetting the content.

The other things mentioned above cannot be fixed unfortunately (UI inconsistency, two Control Panels, very little UI customizability, disabling of updates, etc.).

However, they've been moving functionality out of it. Not good enough? When you do, you’ll see a very prominent “Change desktop icons” option at the top left. Windows 7 Vs Windows 10 It is actually almost criminal, because many critical businesses including hospitals depend on these bloated operating systems catering to NSA and RIAA, rather than customers.

My complaint is not with the Contro Panel but with something much simpler: I tried to attach a few fotos to an email and I have no idea if the recipent If you're an XP veteran, take some time to learn why the new interface was designed the way it was. When it happens, I hope the powers that be will take Windows 7 with them. this content Here, the news isn't quite as good: Microsoft is not offering a similar rollup package to this newer OS, so may still need to install numerous updates via Windows Update if

Hope my laptop can last another 5 years. The first Windows anniversary update without asking first reinstalls Skype and auto logins you. I've just saved you up to $199. Oh, and apparently they'll gather some of your documents as well.

Absolutely dissimilar classic and modern (PC settings) control panels. On the other hand most big software vendors now understand they need continuous income (subscription), which does not match with the idea of functional non-perishable software on hardware that is also I never before had this difficulty with previous versions of Windows I have used (5, 7. 98, 2000 and XP). Disables Windows Update.

This much vaunted functionality is supposed to make resuming your Windows 7 PC a matter of seconds by saving the current session state of your PC ready for when you next To make things worse most Windows applications do not preallocate files thus they contribute to fragmentation even more. Windows anti-virus products oftentimes make your PC less safe - so if you want perfect security and privacy, stop using Windows and migrate to Linux right away. Microsoft has lost its mind and they now aggressively try to foist/force Windows 10 on unsuspecting users.

No system wide update mechanism (which includes third party software - to be fair there are 3d party applications which offer this functionality, but then such applications don't support core Windows We wont even mention Vista, that was beyond abomination. Set that to English and click the Default button. Migration tools are nice, but they're no match for a simple upgrade wizard. The Right Way to Install Windows The Right Way to Install Windows The Right Way to Install

Plus it's stupid. Advertisement. Reply Grumpy Bear says: Wednesday 17 April 2013 @ 10:36 pm at 22:36 64 bit versions of Windows (or any OS) are one gigantic scam to flog kit that nobody needs Instead, I get this single, lonely icon floating on my desktop, making my OCD crazy.

The company also said that Windows 10 adoption is accelerating, with more than 40 percent of new Windows 10 devices having been activated since Black Friday in late November."Windows 10 continues There's no way to cleanly upgrade your system (there will be thousands of leftovers), etc.