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Multiple Hard Drive Failures


I installed the new hard drive, and hooked it up with Windows 7, but even 2 weeks in, I started having start up problems. When I first saw the failure information from Backblaze, they provided full breakdown as to Quantity Purchased and what percentage of the drives were failing. Seems to be causing a contact issue with the HD and motherboard not being able to see the HD. If HDD's are going out every few months and you don't really move the computer that often, that could be a sign that the controller on the motherboard may be failing, have a peek here

Conservative411 I agree but to each his own. Cancel longoalex88 Rep: 1 Posted: 02/27/2016 Options Permalink History I've had 5 hard drive failures in 12 months. And the marketplace has to play catch up the same as the Thunderbolt issue.But again by years end along with Thunderbolt compatible devices these new drives will become available to vendors I suspect Seagate will argue it does not.

Multiple Hard Drive Failures

It's phenomenal—and phenomenally depressing. That is “news I can use”, and what I expect from OWC. Is it the chipset?

And if 1984 wasn't a popular sentiment for Apple to continue espousing, then why the remake of it in 2004 for the iPod? Or does it buy the memory from someone else? While it promised to honor warranties, its replacement drives were dying as often as the originals. Hp Pavilion Hard Drive Failure And as far as I can remember, the hard drive in the iMac was never officially supported by Apple as being a user-servicable part, going all the way back to the

One of my 1TB Seagate drives on the other hand has been making very strange noises. Hp Laptop Hard Drive Recovery It’s time to fight for your right to repair and defend local repair jobs — the corner mom-and-pop repair shops that keep getting squeezed out. Reply Marc @ 4:53 pm on May 13, 2011 So, a company who makes money from modding Apple hardware gets grumpy when Apple (probably incidentally) makes it harder for said company Seagate had managed to escalate the problem to involve customers who didn't have a problem; they were now unable to access any of their data.

I have a machine that I'm certain I can keep maintained myself with products from OWC for many years to come. Hp Hard Drive Failure Codes Reply Doodpants @ 12:29 pm on May 13, 2011 I really don't see what the big deal is, and all these comments about "monopolistic practices" and "megalomaniacs" are ridiculous. This lawsuit was not filed by Backblaze, it was filed by a normal ‘non-commercial' consumer using Backblaze evidence to support the claim. Reply OWC Grant @ 8:30 am on May 16, 2011 Well…certainly entitled to your opinion.

Hp Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

But Joel did a pretty good job of stating, regardless of legal outcome - the court of public opinion is the one they must really win. We are all just starting to look at the new models and realize all the implications. Multiple Hard Drive Failures It seemed fairly clear that Seagate had no idea how widespread the problem was, or which models were affected. Hp Laptop Hard Drive Failure Warranty I think a more useful conversation be had is by some people at OWC with Apple asking while armed with a user signed petition of Imac owners to get some better

And the new Shingle technology gives me "goosebumps" and not in a good way, overlapping the concentric tracks because the magnetic heads can't be made smaller on the existing "discs" sounds navigate here Maybe something that splits out the SATA and the Power at the HDD connector end and then a Y-splitter into the power there? Very noticeably, AppleCare is not even mentioned in this lengthy attack on Apple. The Issue I have with this lawsuit, is that it seems to be using the Backblaze report as its reason for existing. Hp Hard Drive Failure Imminent

Drive dismounts.22 seconds to copy 701MB via FW400 from Kano drive via Internal buss (using rear FW400 port) Have you ruled out bad cables? -t Wise, Aged Ars Veteran Tribus: Fort The Seagate drives in Backblaze's storage pods did not exhibit this type of curve. Any Samsung SSD is better than anything else out there. Check This Out Reply Smithcraft @ 10:30 pm on May 13, 2011 While I'm not a fan of OWC, I'm really shocked to see people commenting as if OWC is upset at Apple because

Links: Media coverage at TechReport: Original Seagate KB article: Seagate announcement in forums: Latest firmware: Unofficial explanation from a Seagate employee: Forum discussion: Email address Hard Drive Failure Causes Cancel Remember me | Register Support TR! These are a popular drive series as they offer good performance, low price and a 5 year warranty.

My 3TB is still a year old…I hope I get to be the lucky 3TB Seagate owner… Erkin Grigoriev I had 2 of them fail in the last 6 months.

Lonnie Veal Back in the early 90's Seagate was first choice because we were introduced to PC's with Seagate Drives when the Consultants supplied our hardware…. I've never had issues with firewire before, so I assumed that the first one was faulty in some way (It seemed like it just had a bad port, one side worked, Now I find I was not the only one who had similar concerns. Hard Drives Keep Failing Full disclosure: I worked (stressing the past tense) for Apple for a couple of years repairing these things.

Tell them that you want the right to repair your purchases. I want to see some money you pricks. I really don't trust Crucial and OCZ for reliability and I don't like Intel because they are overpriced and have poor specs in many cases. Reply OWC Michael @ 3:00 pm on September 14, 2011 Sorry, but that is proprietary information that is not generally shared by privately held corporations ;-) Reply buster @ 6:38 pm

I used the same cable for testing both devices when possible, and am using it now with the WiebeTech.As embarrassing as it would be, I wish it was something simple like Reply OWC Grant @ 5:42 pm on May 13, 2011 Wow Marc…kinda calls our ethics into question. The players:Powermac G5 dual 2.0 running 10.3.9 with:2GB RAMSeagate 200GB internal driveMaxtor 150something internal driveLaCie PCI FW800 cardiSight, with firmware: 1.0.3iPod photo 1st generation 40GB, firmware 1.62WiebeTECH Firewire 800, USBComboDockOxford 922-LQ-Bfirmware just before they went out of business..

Apple has my business for the ret of my life. They make customers pay for shipping back dead drives. [Even] brand new drives Under full Warranty! [Even] fresh RMA replacement drives they ship to you. No problems whatsoever. You can go all the way back to fonts.

John Clark I had a few bad drives sitting around. Either way - we are testing solutions which involve the addition of an external thermal sensor. They just have unreliable engineering on their regular drive lines. Many more aspects go into the creation of such.There's kinda a reason our drives offer the longest warranty in the industry…and were the first to offer a 30 day money back

And most importantly, I stopped worrying about my Servers.